Collective Knowledge is an Indiana-based educational consultant providing state, regional and national
assistance for P-12 schools, undergraduate and graduate level Education
Preparation Programs. Associates partner with clients to develop and
facilitate solutions based on client needs and goals.

• Educator Preparation Program Accreditation
• Educator Licensing
• Professional Development including year-long topical and tailored sessions
• Educator Evaluations
• Substitute Teacher Workshops
• Rubric Design
• Curriculum Development including Curriculum and Instruction Mapping
• Educator Licensing Advice
• Transition to Teaching Internship Program

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Over a 39-year career in education, Karen has become a leader in education with a knack for visualizing creative solutions. After 12 years of elementary and middle school teaching, Karen became a K-8 administrator and then taught at the collegiate level for 20 years. Having completed degrees in elementary education, administration and supervision, Karen’s professional focus became Educational Leadership. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, and she completed a Harvard Professional Education certificate, Women in Educational Leadership.

Karen has served in Educator Preparation Program (EPP) administrative leadership roles at Marian University and Oakland City University. She facilitated EPP partnerships with K-12 schools, mentored and evaluated teachers, and developed undergraduate and graduate courses as well as programs for aspiring elementary and secondary teachers seeking alternative licensure paths, Transition to Teach and Master of Arts in Teaching programs. She has experience with matrices aligning educator standards to courses and analyzing educator test data with standards and course outcomes. CK Educational Consultants, through Dr. Bevis, is an Indiana Department of Education approved Transition to Teach program that offers Internship (student teaching) and licensure for those who lack only that component of a conferred degree program. Dr. Bevis is the co-author of Compass to the Future: Navigating the Process to Become a K-12 Educator (Rowman and Littlefield Lanham, Maryland; 2021)

Karen has higher education accreditation experience. She has coordinated teams and written EPP accreditation reports for Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) and the Council for Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP). Karen is a trained CAEP-Indiana Joint Team reviewer and serves on the CAEP National Accreditation Team. She previously has served on the Indiana Educator Preparation Program Review Team (INPREP)

Karen holds professional memberships in the Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP), the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Indiana Association of Teacher Educators (IATE) and National Association of Teacher Educators (ATE).

Associates are independent consultants not in partnership.